Virginity Bereaved

Our knees and legs pried open
By cousins and uncles and men
Our bodies touched and rubbed and nudged
By all the lewd and lecherous people
Ploughed with two fingers or three
Too tender and timid to renounce and resist
Pinned legs to the ground with thy feet
It feels like rubber against an open wound
As it goes faster and faster and faster
Your mouth clogged with tissue balls
You swallow the lump in your throat
Learning the consequences of womanhood
Should’ve been learning science and math instead
Forced and stripped off brutally
That even with the bed full of safety
You are Afraid


I Found You

All words decline to reveal
the moment my eyes met yours.
New desires started a zeal
of which I was oblivious, roars
Lost in the eyes belove
part of you, part of me I find
bathing in the shower of love
Commencing the sequel of yearning grind
Creeping flush batting my lashes
Even the wind excruciates me and
erupting storms in my heart snatches
And robbing my soul as I stand
These lips have only asked for you
And your love since forever
These eyes have only searched for you
And your love since forever
Even at the prom lonely is my heart
searching for you I strife
Today I found my paradise, my art
I found you, I found my life.

What’s Ugly?

What do you think is ugly?
A broken tooth?
A crooked nose?
A stray hair?
An extra pound?
A scarred skin?
Or a stretch mark?
No, I will tell you what’s ugly.
Judgemental brain,
Malicious words,
Evil intentions,
Promiscuous sight,
Masked faces,
And selfish actions.
Look in the mirror you’ll see,
Make-up will only go so far
To hide an ugly heart.

Soulless Folks

Dubious about how to suit up in self confidence,
But savvy of the calorie consumption.
And thy heart maybe abysmal,
But thy room be knee-deep in make-up.
And thy mirror maybe fogged with disgust and disappointments,
But at least thy wardrobe brims with Gucci and Prada.
And maybe thou can be happy with solitude,
It gives you more time for materials you adore.
And thou might as well be chained to thy shopping bags,
That are filled with platinum, silver and gold.
Coz you make up for the soul thou lackest,
With the plastics, metals and materials cold.


Fiddling fingers, gleaming eyes,
Crinkled corners ecstasies rise.
A flush crept up her face
Wheels wiggled and stopped with grace.
Paralyzed with happiness stuck to her seat,
Wait was over for her to meet.
Her beau has arrived before she was there,
Turning crimson as she drew near.
Her heart throbbed and she stumbled down,
Past came a bus and missed the ground.
Across the alley stood her man,
Grinning winsomely as she ran.
She skipped and leaped and flied like a bug,
Squeezed by him in a bear-hug.
Pedestrians paused and brakes screeched,
Melted she like sodium indeed.
Her cheeks turned pink and eyes shimmered,
Sun gleamed and the winds purred.
Fourteenth it was in the month of October,
Who knew it would bring ‘em closer.

Pieces of the Universe

I’m here to share a secret;
I’m not who I’ve always been,
The world that lies outstretched before me,
Is not the only one I’ve seen.

I’ve travelled on the tails of comets,
I’ve burned up in the hearts of stars,
I’ve been spat out of supernovas,
That left me scattered near and far.

I’ve dined in distant galaxies,
And taught the birds to sing.
I’ve danced for a whole lifetime,
Upon Saturn’s dusty rings.

I’ve been here for long enough,
To learn what makes the willow weep.
I’ve sung celestial lullabies,
That sent the moon to sleep.

I’ve been both flowing water,
And the stone that blocks it’s way.
I’ve been frozen, I’ve been molten,
And I’ll be again someday.

Though I’ve been a billion things,
This is the first one that can smile.
I’m pieces of the Universe,
Living as human for a while.