Beauty Buried

Lay you eyes on something that's beautiful,
So unfettered and so free,
And you yearn to know the secret,
Behind possessing such a beauty, see?
So you haul it in your netting,
And you pin it to the ground,
Then prick and prod for hours,
Until its secret has been found.
You examine it so closely,
Always yearning for more,
Until when you start to notice,
Its golden blood across the floor,
You rush to find it's heartbeat,
But find silent sullenness,
And a realization hits you,
As tears stream down your face,
That the secret wasn't hidden,
Because it wasn't there at all,
It was the simple act of living,
That had you so stupefied,
That you'd spent your entire life anticipating,
For your beauty to be shown,
But in wanting someone else's,
You had failed to see your own.