Dubious Love ❤️

She wasn’t sure if it was love

Or was it just her heart’s yearning to feel loved

She wasn’t sure if it was

The ridge of his hands in hers,

the tipsy cigarette,

Or the mushy breeze

But she felt wild and free

And safe and home

With her hands in his

Getting an eyeful of the visage of love

She wanted to see what love looked like

She wanted to feel what love felt like

Better than stargazing it was

Gazing into the depths of his love

Deeper than the ocean

Falling for the eloquent silence

Falling for his sanguine darkness

Which gave rise to galaxy full of stars

Her feet were bruised from walking so far

But she was overwhelmed

As for the first time someone was willing to walk for her so far

Her heart was bruised from loving so long

Lesser did she know

If someone would return her

the love she gave to all

Fright gripped her tight

Stopping her from loving

Until he broke her shuddering shackles

Unwilling to restrain herself

Hoping one day he will unfetter her

From her cumbersome misery hidden within….