Blazing Fire

Before she burnt like blazing fire
She was Adams’s ale for ages known
Quenching the thirst of parched alone
She gave and she gave and she gave
Until she transformed from Ocean to Desert
But instead of withering from the calidity
the anguish, the agony, the affliction
She bewitched all her pain under a spell
And from her own cindering ember
Became blazing fire

Soulless Folks

Dubious about how to suit up in self confidence,
But savvy of the calorie consumption.
And thy heart maybe abysmal,
But thy room be knee-deep in make-up.
And thy mirror maybe fogged with disgust and disappointments,
But at least thy wardrobe brims with Gucci and Prada.
And maybe thou can be happy with solitude,
It gives you more time for materials you adore.
And thou might as well be chained to thy shopping bags,
That are filled with platinum, silver and gold.
Coz you make up for the soul thou lackest,
With the plastics, metals and materials cold.